My entire life I’ve had a passion to do something different. I’ve always had a gift of gab and from a very young age I knew I could dominate in sales. Paying my way through college I worked 3 jobs. I was hungry and thirsty for success. While attending a historically black university my passion grew for kicks and this is where it all began.

As stated previously, I worked really hard in college. Nothing ever came easy. I came from a family that worked long hours and tirelessly. A descendant of Haitian immigrants parents; they wanted more for myself and four siblings. They wanted us to be successful and hard working citizens. With this being said, they instilled in me what hard work and determination was. I was never a sneaker head in the beginning. I never grew up wearing a pair of $120.00 kicks. This would never happen in my childhood. My parents would rather take my siblings and I to our local shoe store or bargain center where almost often it was Buy 2 (pairs of shoes) for $60.00. Which means that I always got one black pair of shoes and one white pair of shoes. If it wasn’t a bargain they didn’t buy! A bargain, sale or clearance price was more appealing to their pockets. My parents would always say, “I’d never spend that much money on shoes”.

My older brothers and cousins introduced me to the shoe game. They all had jobs and were able to purchase fly kicks. Growing up in a household where I was the youngest I watched how my brothers dressed and the various shoes they owned. I wanted to be just like them but there was one thing; I couldn’t because I had no job and no cash. Thinking back, I could remember when my dad wore a pair of my brother’s exclusive (at the time) kicks to mow the lawn. Boy was my brother upset!

Fast forward to one of the most memorable years in college. My first year in college I gained employment with a major footwear company. I worked as an assistant manager. This is where I truly started to develop a passion for kicks and drove sale goals. This is where I really began to yearn for knowledge. In 2005, I made my first “real” kicks purchase or so I thought! I can laugh at the situation now. It will be a story that I will never forget. It all began when I went to work one day with what I though was a real pair of “J’s”. You see, I had purchased the shoes from a guy that I though was legitimate. Turns out he wasn’t and as soon I walked into work my co-workers began to laugh at the “J’s” on my feet. I was told that the shoes that I wore did not “represent the brand in a positive way”. I had on FAKES!! It was against company policy to wear fake shoes. Instructed by my superior, I literally had to purchase another pair of kicks if I wanted to work my shift. I felt lost, confused, but most importantly embarrassed! How could an assistant manager at a major footwear company not recognize a fake pair of shoes?

That day I made a promise to myself that I would NEVER EVER wear a fake pair of shoes again. I vowed to educate myself and this is where my passion grew from kicks. Over the years my shoe collection grew from owning 3 pairs of shoes to owning almost 80 pairs by 2007. By 2009, I stop counting after pair number 220. It was never about the quantity of shows but rather the quality and exclusivity of the shoe.

By 2011 I had gained employment with a major skateboarding-footwear company. Working for this company made me understand the importance of people and drive. I was one of the top managers in the company. I obtain almost every sales goal. This enabled me to develop my skill set and allowed me to grow as a manger but most importantly as a person. Whilst in this position, I began to get uncomfortable with the way in which the company was headed. The company failed to provide resources for my professional and personal growth. I began to feel as if the brand did not fit my lifestyle. I had outgrown my space and as a result I decided to move on.

Now 2016, I had applied to other several positions with “The “King” of all footwear; only to be rejected over and over. “This is it”, I thought to myself. “I have to start my own business”. This is when ShoeMD was birthed. I realized that creating my own business would allow me have the freedom and showcase my passion for the footwear industry. Leaving my corporate job to pursue my dreams was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am M.D.. A person that always wanted more than what companies could offer. I wanted more than to push product on the consumers and more than to sell a story of a brand. The rest is now history. Welcome to ShoeMD. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

One Love,